– We are expanding the car parks around Vindelgatan

Work started with more parking around Vindelgatan

We have started work on the construction of two car parks at Vindelgatan. In the spring of 2020, we will expand existing parking space near Fjällgatan/Vindelgatan intersection. Our contractor is Servicekontoret in Borås Stad and it is Borås kommuns Parkerings AB who is the client. The start of construction was 2020-02-01 and the works are expected to be completed by 2020-06-01.

The schedule is as follows:

Vindelgatan´s parking area, see map below:

Shutdown of 4 parking lots v 7

Earthmoving v 8

Blasting v 9

Groundwater v 16

Asphalting v 17

Unestablishment v 18

Vindelgatan’s parking area

Hästskons parking area, see map below:

Blasting v 9

Asphalting v 14

Tree planting v 15

Unestablishment v 16

Hästskon’s parking area

The fees will be SEK 5/hour 09-18 (09-15), period ticket for 30 days SEK 300.

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