– We are expanding the car parks around Vindelgatan

Borås 2020-02-07  

Work started with more parking around Vindelgatan!

On Monday, the fence will come around and we will begin to seriously prepare parking spaces according to the existing detailed plan. After obtaining building permits, we will now in the spring of 2020 expand existing parking space near the intersection Fjällgatan / Vindelgatan.We will also move existing parking along Vindelgatan and expand it slightly in number of places and the entrance to the street will be a nice avenue! In connection with this, we will pave both surfaces and set up new lighting as well as electric charging poles. There will be a walkway along the entire parking lot.

Since the winter has been very mild we have been able to start a little earlier than planned! As you see you who live around the area, we have already fenced out, taken down trees and within a month we will start to blow up. Nearby residents will be called to an information meeting shortly.

Our contractor is Servicekontoret, Borås Stad! Borås kommuns Parkerings AB is the customer and will run the parking!

Welcome with questions to us!

Birgitta Neugebauer, CEO Borås kommuns Parkerings AB