Vulkanus, Borås’s first mobility hub established in 2019
A mobility hub is so much more than just a garage. It is a gathering place for the new and more flexible way of travelling. Flexibility comes from having public transport just around the corner, but also from vehicle sharing or rental. And that’s just the beginning of the journey.

We believe that in the future we will not need to own our own vehicles in the same way as we do now, we will be able to share vehicles such as cars, bikes or even mopeds. Electrically-powered of course. We believe that your deliveries will be made directly to your vehicle, to save on transportation and time. Demand will dictate how these mobility hubs will develop, there are no limits to what services a modern mobility hub can offer. But even now, we can already offer everything from a bike garage with onsite service-kits to modern parking.

Vulkanus has solar cells on the roof and in the facade that can produce 54,000 kwh per year in clean energy