Visitor parking


We want to welcome visitors to Borås! Visitors to Borås travel by car, bus, train, bicycle, and on foot.

Our prices are always based on the fee per hour for all types of parking and products.

Those who park all have different needs:

  • When you want to do something in the city, e.g. eat lunch.
  • When you work and want to park your car for 8-9 hours.
  • When you are in need of a car in your profession.
  • When you want to leave your children at the day nursery, school, or hospital.

All of these needs, together with the fact that the city is becoming denser, have provided us with challenges that we have taken on.

We assess both prices and products for all parking areas, and adjustments are continuously being made over the course of each year. The purpose of this work is to ensure the flow of moving traffic, decrease the environmental load, and ensure that there are vacant parking spaces where they are needed.

Today we charge a fee of 6-18 SEK/h between 9.00 and 18.00 on weekdays and 9.00 and 15.00 on Saturdays in car parks on private land, depending on where you park. At all other hours, the fees are lower.

Electric car charging and parking


We provide public charging stations for your electric car with EU standard type 2 contact AC charger. You pay for the parking according to the parking rules and fees that apply in the area, and start and pay for your charge via Easypark’s or Parkster´s app, see information on the charging post.

The charging power at the charging points is 3-phase 11 kW on each socket. CHARGING CHARGE 4 kr / kWh


Valid at Borås Kommuns Parkerings AB’s charging points via Easypark

Plug the cable into the charging socket in your car and into the charging box. Make sure that the correct zone code is entered in the Easypark app. Enter the right choice for you (charge with season ticket, charge and park or just park). Select the correct socket depending on which side you are on 1 or 2. Spin up the time you want to park. If your charge is completed earlier than your parking time, you will only be charged for the parking and no more for the charge then the car is fully charged.

When you have finished parking and are about to leave the car park, you turn off the car park in the app. Then the charge is also interrupted automatically. Remove the charging cable from your car and then from the charging box.

Valid at Borås Kommuns Parkerings AB’s charging points via Parkster

Plug in  the charging cable into your car and then into the charger. Launch the app. The sticker with zone code etc is on the side of the charger. If you have to pay for both parking and charging, select the code under “Områdeskod”, if you have a period ticket and only pay for charging, then select the code under “Områdeskod periodbiljett”. Press “Välj ladduttag”, choose the outlet that is on the sticker. Press at the bottom on “Välj fordon och parkera”. Select your registration number. You will receive a notification that it has started, if your charge is completed earlier than your parking time, you will only be charged for the parking and no more for the charge when the car is fully charged. After finishing parking, press “End parking”.

If there are problems:

If you do not get your charge started, update the easypark or Parkster app. This usually works. Sometimes you have to redo your procedure to make it work

What do you do if the cord is stuck? Always make sure that the  app is updated to the latest version. Unlock your car. Otherwise you can not get your cord out. You can also lock the car and then unlock it again to get your cord out.

Sometimes you still do not get your cord out. Then call us at Borås kommuns Parkerings AB on 033-35 32 50. We are open 8-15: 30 with lunch closed 12-13. Other times if you are stuck, call Securitas on 010-4705105.

Cost is charged for handling errors. In the event of a customer handling error, Securitas charges a fee of SEK 1,000.

We currently have loading places in the following parking areas:

Vulkanus, 66 parking lots
Kungsbron, 2 parking lots
Nornan, 4 parking lots
Astern, 4 parking lots
Nybrons p-hus, 4 parking lots
Brodalsgaraget, 4 parking lots
Valhall, 2 parking lots
Elektra, 4 parking lots
Hästskon, 4 parking lots
Dalhemsplatsen, 8 parking lots

In the places where there is a charging post but no sign “Charging site” it is ok to park even for those who do not have electric / electric hybrid vehicles.


There are free-of-charge motorcycle parking spaces in the following places:

  • Between the Viskan river and the Köket restaurant; entry via the Krokshallstorget parking area
  • On Torggatan/Västerlånggatan
  • The Nybron parkinghouse; entry via Södra Nybrogatan
  • Vulkanus parkinghouse
  • The Midas parking garage

In addition, there are 15-minute parking spaces located around the centre of the city for brief visits. It is also possible to park motorcycles in regular parking spaces and pay the fee.

People with disabilities

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available on several streets and parking areas in the city centre.

Those parking spaces managed by the City of Borås that are marked with a wheelchair symbol are free to use. On private land, the owner of the property is entitled to charge parking fees on marked parking spaces for the disabled, so information signs should be read carefully.

The number of hours your parking permit allows you to park for varies, so make sure you understand what applies for your permit.

Applications for parking permits for people with disabilities can be made via the link below.

You can find more information about parking permits here

Campervans and motorhomes

There is a parking area for campervans and motorhomes in the Astern parking area (entrance via Sven Eriksonsgatan) , the maximum permitted parking time will be 2 days, price 150 SEK / day, paid via zone code 60678 via app or sms.

Our parking area för campervans and motorhomes does not offer access to electricity and/or water. Motorhome pitches with all service are available at Borås Camping.

Otherwise you can park on regular parking lots according to the applicable parking rates, if you park in two longitudinal parking lots, it is enough to buy one parking ticket.

Motorhome toilets can be emptied at the Boråstorpet lay-by on R40 between Borås and Bollebygd (entrance only when travelling towards Borås) or at Borås Camping (a service fee is charged for those who are not camping guests).


Buses can be parked in our bus parking spaces in the below locations:


  • Erikslundsplatsen


In the parking garage Vulkanus we have smart, locked bike boxes that you can rent, 5 with electricity and 5 without electricity. You can rent a box either for 3, 6 or 12 months, cost SEK 300 for 3 months, SEK 500 for 6 months and SEK 1,000 for 12 months. If you would like to sign up to rent a bicycle box, send an e-mail to

More bike garages in Borås

At the Central Station in Borås there is a bicycle garage where you can park your bike safely and conveniently. The bicycle garage is locked and there is access to toilet, shower, air pump and storage cupboard. There is space for about 90 bikes as well as electrical outlets to be able to charge their electric bicycle. In order to enter the bicycle garage, you need a Västtrafikkort which you register and then use as a key. You can register viaänk to another website, opens in new window. link to another website that opens in a new window. More information can be found on Tekniska förvaltningens website.

The bicycle boxes and the bicycle garage provide good conditions for those who take the bike to or from the center to be able to travel by public transport when it is possible to park safely.

Longterm parking

There are long-term parking in the following parking areas, it is allowed to park in these areas a maximum of 7 days in a row.

  • Nybrons p-hus
  • Vulkanus p-hus
  • Brodalsgaraget
  • Krokshallsberget