Campervans and motorhomes

Dedicated campervan and motorhome parking spaces are available at Övre Brodal (behind the Gina Tricot building). Here, you can park for a maximum of two days at a cost of 125 SEK/day, payable only via phone call, SMS, or mobile app. Our campervan and motorhome parking spaces do not offer access to electricity and/or water.

Campervan and motorhome parking spaces that include all amenities are available at Borås Camping.

Parking in regular parking spaces subject to regular parking fees is allowed; if two parking spaces are occupied, payment for one is sufficient.

Motorhome toilets can be emptied at the Boråstorpet lay-by on R40 between Borås and Bollebygd (entrance only when travelling towards Borås) or at Borås Camping (a service fee is charged for those who are not camping guests).