Campervans and motorhomes

Dedicated campervan and motorhome parking spaces are available at Övre Brodal (behind the Gina Tricot building). Here, you can park for a maximum of two days at a cost of 125 SEK/day, payable only via phone call, SMS, or mobile app, zonecode 60678. Our campervan and motorhome parking spaces do not offer access to electricity and/or water.

Campervan and motorhome parking spaces that include all amenities are available at Borås Camping.

Otherwise you can park on regular parking lots according to the applicable parking rates, if you park in two longitudinal parking lots, it is enough to buy one parking ticket.

Motorhome toilets can be emptied at the Boråstorpet lay-by on R40 between Borås and Bollebygd (entrance only when travelling towards Borås) or at Borås Camping (a service fee is charged for those who are not camping guests).