There is a bicycle parking garage next to Borås Central Station where you can park your bicycle safely and conveniently. The bicycle parking garage is locked, and has access to toilets, showers, an air pump, and storage lockers. The parking garage has room for approximately 90 bicycles, and is equipped with outlets for charging electric bicycles.

In order to access the bicycle parking garage you need a Västtrafik card, which you register and then use as a key. You can register viaänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster (link to external website which is opened in a new window), or at the Kulturhuset’s ticket office, PA Halls Terrass, 504 56 Borås.

The bicycle parking garage provides excellent opportunities for those who travel by bicycle to or from the Central Station to continue their journey by public transportation, as they are able to park their bicycles securely.

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