In the parking garage Vulkanus we have smart, locked bike boxes that you can rent, 5 with electricity and 5 without electricity. You can rent a box either for 3, 6 or 12 months, cost SEK 300 for 3 months, SEK 500 for 6 months and SEK 1,000 for 12 months.

At the Central Station in Borås there is a bicycle garage where you can park your bike safely and conveniently. The bicycle garage is locked and there is access to toilet, shower, air pump and storage cupboard. There is space for about 90 bikes as well as electrical outlets to be able to charge their electric bicycle. In order to enter the bicycle garage, you need a Västtrafikkort which you register and then use as a key. You can register viaänk to another website, opens in new window. link to another website that opens in a new window. More information can be found on Tekniska förvaltningens website.

The bicycle boxes and the bicycle garage provide good conditions for those who take the bike to or from the center to be able to travel by public transport when it is possible to park safely.