Parking fines


What is a parking fine?

‘Parking fine’ is the colloquial name for the small note that is placed on a vehicle that is incorrectly parked. The note informs you that you are required to pay a fine as your vehicle is incorrectly parked. The type of fine you are required to pay depends on whether you have violated parking rules on public or private land.

The Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance contains general rules regarding the ways in which you are allowed to stop and park your vehicle. This means that the rules are not indicated using road signs, but that it is still your responsibility to know them. This page presents information that the Swedish Transport Agency has created regarding the most important general provisions for stopping and parking.

There are also local provisions that govern stopping and parking. These are adapted to particular areas, and are normally indicated on road signs.

What is the significance of public land and private land when I park my vehicle?

In Sweden, there are two types of land: public land and htts://  and private land . Two different sets of laws govern these types of land.

The municipality’s streets and squares are defined as public land (Sw. ‘gatumark’)< , and are regulated under the Swedish Local Government Act. Private parking facilities are called private land (‘tomtmark’)<   are regulated under civil law.

When you commit a parking offence on <30/>public land<31/>, i.e. municipal property, you may receive a parkeringsanmärkning (‘parking ticket’)</>, which means that you are liable to pay a parking fine. If you commit a parking offence on private land, you will receive a payment request saying that you are liable to pay a kontrollavgift (‘enforcement fine’)<.

If you choose to pay your parking fee in the vending machine and place a ticket in your car, the ticket must be clearly visible in the front window. If you do not comply with the applicable parking regulations, you are obliged to pay the inspection fee, regardless of whether you paid the parking fee or not.

The top of the ticket or request provides information regarding the type of fine you are liable to pay.

What is the difference between a parking fine and a parking enforcement fine?

Parking tickets can be issued by parking wardens and police officers. Each municipality decides on the value of parking fines.

Parking enforcement fines can be issued by a parking warden or property owner. The value of an enforcement fine cannot be greater than that of a parking fine in the municipality.

Anyone who issues a parking ticket or payment request for a parking enforcement fine must have undertaken training suitable for the role. For parking wardens on public land, this means an education in public law, while an education in civil law is required for private land.

A new parking fine or enforcement fine can be issued on each new day, but no sooner than six hours after the issuance of the first ticket. A maximum of five parking fines or enforcement fines may be issued for the same instance of unlawful parking.

An important difference between the two relates to the process of contesting.

What do I do if I feel that I have received a parking ticket in error?

Parking on public lands is regulated under . If you receive a parking ticket that you consider to be in error you should contest it, but you must still pay the parking fine. If you successfully contest the ticket, you will receive a refund.

You have 8 days to pay the fine, starting on the date the ticket was issued. If you do not pay you will receive reminders and added fees, and the matter will then be transferred to the Swedish Enforcement Authority. You have 6 months to contest the parking ticket from the date on which it was paid or the Swedish Enforcement Authority began the collection process for the fine. If you have questions regarding payment, you should contact the Swedish Transport Agency. Visit the Swedish Transport Agency’s website for more information.

If the parking ticket contains obvious errors, e.g. the make of your car is wrong, you can apply for a correction. This must be undertaken within a few days of receiving the ticket. You apply by taking the parking ticket to a police station in the municipality in which it was issued. If your application for a correction is rejected, you can then contest it.

A parking ticket that you consider to be in error should be contested with Polismyndigheten, Region Väst. This must be done in writing. Visit the Swedish Police’s website for more information and an application form.

What do I do if I consider myself to have received a parking enforcement fine in error?

Parking on private land is regulated under the civil In order to be able to issue a parking enforcement fine, clear road signage is required. If you are charged an enforcement fine that you consider to be in error you should contest it immediately, without paying it. If you pay the enforcement fine the case is considered to be closed, and this may mean that you have to appeal the matter to the district court if you consider it to be in error.

If you feel that you have received a parking enforcement fine in error, you should contest it with the company that manages the car park – in our case, us. Contesting of enforcement fines shall be made in writing via e-mail to, using our Contest a parking enforcement fine form or via a written letter sent via mail.