Long-term rental of parking spaces

Monthly subscription parking

We offer monthly subscription parking in the following areas:

At present, we have parking spaces available in the Krokshall and Nybron parking garages, and on Krokshallsberget. If you are interested, please contact us via p-bolaget@boras.se or +46(0)33 – 35 32 50.

Arla 800 SEK/month
Mariedal 700 SEK/month
Astern 700 SEK/month
Krokshallsberget 600 SEK/month
The Krokshall parking garage 1,100 SEK/month
Krokshallstorget 800 SEK/month
The Nybron parking garage 1,100 SEK/month (secure parking space)
The Nybron parking garage 950 SEK/month (public parking space)
Cedern 400 SEK/month
The Valhall parking garage 1,100 SEK/month

Prices are valid from January 1, 2019 (prices include VAT)
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