Green vehicles

Bonus parking permit for green vehicles

Anyone who owns a private car, light lorry, or light bus that emits a maximum of 60 grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometre, is type-approved in accordance with Chapter 3 of the Swedish Vehicle Ordinance (2009:211), and according to the ‘Bonus Malus’ system is entitled to apply for a ‘Bonus parking permit for green vehicles’. This also includes electric mopeds. Granted permits are valid for 24 months (although all expire on June 30, 2020), and can only be granted once per registered vehicle.

A Bonus parking permit for green vehicles entitles the holder to park in the parking areas stated below without paying the parking fee; they must, however, adhere to all other rules for the parking area in question.

Parking areas where the green vehicle parking permit is valid:
Krokshallsberget (max 24 hour stay)
Nybrons parking garage (max 24 hour stay)
Övre Brodal
Övre Nornan

Once an application for a parking permit has been approved, you will be informed by via e-mail within 14 days.

The permit is digital, and to use it you must use the Inteleon SMS-Park payment system and log in using zone code 9960 in the app (more information can be found at SMS-Park’s website Each time you park your vehicle, you should log in when you arrive and log out when you leave with your vehicle. Zone code 9960 is only valid for holders of the above-mentioned permit, and the exemption from the parking fee only applies for the above-listed parking areas.

The Bonus parking permit for green vehicles is not valid for electric vehicle charging stations. If the permit holder wishes to use such a parking space, they are subject to normal parking fees.

Application form (PDF)ökningsblankett-tillstånd-bonus-för-miljöfordon.pdf