Truckparking in Viared, Borås

Parking of trucks in Viared has been problematic. Cars have lined the streets and created problems with accessibility and safety. Despite information efforts, it has not improved as there was a lack of alternative parking spaces. From now on, that will change.

Together with the City of Borås, Borås Näringsliv and last but not least Viared’s business association, there is now a truck parking lot in Viared. It is approximately 6,000 square meters and has room for around 30 trucks up to 25 meters long. The car park is illuminated, will be monitored by cameras and will have a fiber connection. There are also toilets and containers for rubbish.

There is 24 hour free parking for trucks. In connection with this, a parking ban is also introduced on the surrounding streets. We assess that this improves the traffic situation in Viared while also making it better for you who visit Borås by truck.

Find the truck parking lot: Truck parking Viared, Stormgatan 17.