SMS-Park’s services will soon cease to be valid in Borås

The transition from SMS-Park to Easypark

From the last part of March, the possibility to pay for parking via Inteleon SMS-Park will cease, and all customers’ accounts will be transferred to Easypark.

Below are links to SMS-Parks and Easypark’s websites with more information.

Vulkanus improvements

We will be carrying out improvement work at Vulkanus up until week 12.
Work will include widening the doors for easier entry and exit.
Vulkanus will be closed on the days that ground work and door replacement take place.
Unfortunately, we cannot state what those dates will be because the work is weather dependant.
We thank you for your understanding during this time.

New ticket machines

From week 26 we will begin the installation of our new ticket machines, the installation will be done gradually in both our parking areas and on the streets.

If a receipt for the purchase is desired, you can download it here on the website, “Parking / Paying parking fees / Paying with card, then click on the link “Ticket voucher receipt”.