Automatic renewal of “Periodbiljett” or “Boendebiljett”

Inteleon SMS-Park has now been discontinued in Borås, which means that we now have two suppliers for payment of parking fees on the phone, Easypark and Parkster. Also keep in mind that if you have bought a “Periodbiljett” or “Boendebiljett” via Inteleon SMS-Park, the paid period will apply but will not be renewed automatically but will expire when the period has expired. If you want to continue to use automatic renewal, you can get that service in the Parkster app, more information is available via

Two suppliers for payment by telephone

We now have two suppliers for payment of the parking fee, Parkster and Easypark. For more information,  visit their websites, or

Keep in mind that if you currently have an automatic renewal of your “periodbiljett” or a”boendebiljett” in Inteleon SMS-Park, it will not be renewed in Easypark’s service, the automatic renewal service is not available in Easypark, so you must start a new ticket yourself when the time for your current expires. If you still want this service, it works well in Parkster’s app, for more information go to

Vulkanus improvements

We will be carrying out improvement work at Vulkanus up until week 12.
Work will include widening the doors for easier entry and exit.
Vulkanus will be closed on the days that ground work and door replacement take place.
Unfortunately, we cannot state what those dates will be because the work is weather dependant.
We thank you for your understanding during this time.

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