Sustainable city development
The company actively contributes to creating a sustainable city in which sustainable means of transportation are used.

For us, this means working to decrease traffic that is searching for parking and increasing the use of solar cells in our facilities and equipment.

We want to inspire our customers to engage in more sustainable traffic behaviour by offering solutions that make it easier to combine car travel with walking, cycling, and use of public transportation.

By investing in charging spaces for electric vehicles, we facilitate increased use of green vehicles and contribute to a greener city and accessible city centre.

The Vulkanus parking garage – Borås Mobility Hub

303 easily accessible parking spaces in a modern, safe building only 5 minutes from the city centre.

For your safety, the building will be equipped with sprinklers and surveillance cameras, and be locked at night.

By equipping the exterior of the building with solar cells, we expect to produce 54,000 kWh/year in pure energy!

If all of that electricity were to be used to charge vehicles in the 44 electric vehicle charging spaces we offer, we would facilitate 270,000 km of driving using solar electricity.

That corresponds to 10,000 litres of petrol, which would be 4,000 car rides to Gothenburg or 6 laps around the world!

The ground has officially been broken, and in November 2019 the facility will open!

A sustainable company
Sustainability is a concept that permeates both the activities of the Board of Directors and the everyday operations of the staff. In order to create a sustainable company, we have begun working with the ‘Hospitality’ concept for our staff, commenced work on a project relating to electric car charging, started building a new multistorey parking facility with solar cells and bicycle parking, and initiated the planning of an intelligent parking management system for the entire city.

The company has been issued an Environment Certificate by The Swedish Environmental Base.