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Borås kommuns Parkerings AB

With the website we want to help both residents and visitors in Borås find good parking solutions. The website also describes general parking facilities and parking rules. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or email, or visit us at our office.



We have three providers of telephone parking in Borås: Easypark, SMS-Park and Parkster. From November 2019, we have changed from three-digit to five-digit zone codes, for example 60601.

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Below is an easy guide on how to pay for your parking. You can always pay at our parking meters using a debit or charge card.

Hier finden Sie eine einfache Anleitung zum Bezahlen Ihres Parkplatzes. Sie können immer Ihren Parkplatz mit Kreditkarte in unseren Automaten auf der Straße bezahlen.



Relax – you can stop looking for a place to park!

Park in one of our parking spaces. We have long-term parking spaces available for rent in the following car areas:


    • The Krokshall parking garage
    • The Nybron parking garage
    • Cedern
    • Vulkanus

Do your car a favour and contact us today, and we will get back to you with suggestions.

Call +46(0)33 – 35 32 50 or e-mail us at p-bolaget@boras.se



Tips from the parking warden

Two smart tips from our parking warden to avoid receiving a note on your windshield!

Do you have the details for more than one car saved in the app? Make sure you choose the right vehicle!
State the correct parking zone. The zone number is posted on signs and meters!


For news, click below.

  • – Period ticket, night

    In Vulkanus, Valhall and Nybron you can buy night period ticket, cost 400 SEK / 30 days. You can park with this ticket weekdays at 17-09 as well as Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. You buy this ticket in either Parksters or Easyparks app....

  • – Lidaholm, rental parking places

    From 2020-01-01, it is only lrental places on the part of Lidaholm that are closest to Annelundsmotet. The other part of Lidaholm and the entire Mariedal parking area is now fee places,  there is no longer rented places in Mariedal....

  • – Purchase of period ticket in some of our parking areas

    In the following parking areas, you can only buy your period ticket via phone, app or text from 7/1: Bäckängsgymnasiet P A Hall’s terrass Astern Kungsbron Mariedal (Lidaholm) Krokshallsberget Kulturskolan Övre Nornan We will be able to sell period tickets in ticket machines in these......

  • – Changes in time control, fees etc. from 2020-01-07 in some of our parking areas.

    Changes in time control, fees etc. from 2020-01-07 in some of our parking areas. You can now buy period tickets that apply day, night or round the clock in our parking garage Vulkanus and Nybron! 906 seats on our low-cost parking 7 minutes from Stora......

  • – Vulkanus parkinghouse is now opened!

    Now we have opened Vulkanus parkinghouse, welcome to park for half the price until 31 December....

Through our website, we wish to help residents of and visitors to Borås find parking. Our website gives a general overview of parking availability and regulations. You are also welcome to contact us via the phone or e-mail, and visit us at our offices.